Slaughterhouse Injuries: Why You May Need a Lawyer to Sue for Worker's Compensation

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When you work in a slaughterhouse, all kinds of accidents and injuries can occur. There is the blood and animal guts on the floor on which to slip and fall, the slicing instruments that are meant to cut through bone as well as flesh, and the stun guns and kill floor where you could accidentally get stunned. There are also the feces and urine from scared and recently killed animals that you have to avoid too. With all of these work hazards, if you do get injured, you may need a worker's compensation attorney to secure your benefits, and here is why.

Expected Hazards of the Job

Because there are so many expected hazards of the job, your employer may dodge paying worker's compensation benefits by stating that you knew the dangers of the position and took the job anyway. Accepting the expected hazards of the job means you take responsibility for what happens to you, but this defense is a weak one at best, especially when you are offered worker's compensation insurance and have been paying with the expectation that you might need it. However, you may have an employer in the slaughterhouse that denies you benefits based on this defense, and you would need a lawyer to counter that with proof that you have been a safe employee until now and are entitled to your benefits.

Slaughterhouse Injuries Are Life-Altering and Life-Threatening

Even with all of the safety precautions and measures in place, slaughterhouse injuries are still life-altering and life-threatening. If you get injured in any of the previously mentioned ways, it is highly unlikely that you will be able to work for quite some time, if ever again. Either the loss of a limb to cutting machines or brain damage from hitting your head on the cement floor of the slaughterhouse should warrant you worker's comp without your having to fight for it. Yet, not all worker's comp insurance companies or employers see things that way, and they would try to prove unsafe behavior or improper work-handling scenarios in order to win their case. Attempting to defend your situation on your own would be nearly impossible.

When You Have Already Been Denied

If you have already tried to claim your worker's compensation benefits on your own, and you were denied, you can appeal. Just do not file an appeal without a lawyer's help. It is very difficult to get benefits on an appeal if you do not have a lawyer to back you.

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