Can I Sue A Nursing Home When A Loved One Is Injured?

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Elder abuse and neglect are very common problems in nursing homes. One in three nursing homes engages in some form of physical abuse. If you have a loved one who was a victim of nursing home abuse or neglect, you may be shocked that those whom you entrusted with the care of your loved one did not effectively protect your loved one. 

Failure to Maintain a Safe Facility

Those who take care of your loved ones are not only responsible for not injuring them, but they are also responsible for creating the conditions that will ensure that your loved ones are not injured on the premise. For example, staff members are responsible for making sure that there are no slip and fall hazards at the nursing home facility. This includes slippery surfaces and anything that your loved one can trip over. Nursing home staff must be aware of the challenges faced by seniors when remaining mobile.

Dangerous Hiring Practices

Nursing home facilities are responsible for making sure that everyone who is hired to work for their facilities is qualified and well-trained. If there is evidence that an employer was negligent in the hiring of a staff member and one of your loved ones was injured, this may be used as a justification to see compensation. 

Failure to Provide Medical Treatment

When your loved one is suffering from a medical condition, the nursing home staff is required to provide reasonable medical treatment. If they fail to do so, and your loved one suffers an injury as a result, you may be deserving of compensation for your loved one's injuries. In some cases, your loved one might have unique dietary considerations that must be met so that he or she does not suffer serious health problems and side effects as a result. 

The Importance of an Injury Lawyer

When investigating a case of nursing home neglect leading to personal injury, make sure to work closely with an experienced injury lawyer. There are often many investigations that must be performed and your lawyer may need to call upon expert witnesses. 

There are often regulations that determine how nursing home facilities must render care. Therefore, you will need an attorney who has knowledge of the state and local regulations. Proving liability is often difficult because the information available is incomplete or may even be deliberately incomplete. Therefore, you will need an experienced injury lawyer who will help you.