How You Can Recover From The Emotional Damages Of A Car Accident

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After a car accident, you will likely have physical injuries that will need treatment and you may even have scars. But while the body can usually heal with the right treatment, the mind is more difficult to treat. While you certainly deserve to be compensated for any medical bills if you did not cause the accident, you should also consider the impact that the accident has had on your mind when suing and recovering.

It's How You Perceive It

Even if the crash is not severe, the effect that it has on you depends on how you perceive it. If you believed that the accident would be life threatening, this may cause post-traumatic stress symptoms. You may be constantly worried or terrified whenever you have to drive a car. There might be certain events that can be triggering, such as crossing an intersection, and cause you to suffer a panic attack.. By being very stressed, you may not sleep properly and this could cause you to be tired and irritable throughout the day.

The Road to Recovery

You should give yourself plenty of time to recover. If you can take some time off work and ask someone to bring you groceries, you may be able to avoid driving until you have time to recover emotionally. Find a friend or family member to talk about the accident with. Sometimes, simply describing your experiences can help you process what has happened. Try to eat healthy and continue to exercise because your health can impact your outlook and how much energy you have.

Documenting Your Emotional Distress

You should consider getting yourself evaluated by a mental health professional. Not only can a therapist create a treatment program for you, but the act of seeing a therapist provides additional evidence that you were harmed psychologically by the accident, giving you medical documentation.

Keep a medical journal where you can document your experiences. It is easy to forget certain episodes you have. Describe how you feel in the moment about your accident and the injuries that resulted so you can recount your experiences.

You Deserve Compensation

You should also talk to an accident attorney, like those at Zavodnick, Perlmutter & Boccia LLC, about the steps you can take to receive compensation for the psychological harm caused by the accident. You may need to submit a claim to the other motorist's insurance company, seek a settlement with the the other motorist out of court or even take the case to trial.