3 Social Media Missteps To Avoid During Your Workers' Compensation Case

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When you're in the midst of a workers' compensation case, you may feel like every move you make is being scrutinized by your employer's workers' comp insurer and attorney. To avoid even further scrutiny, and to prevent your claim from being denied, it's best to avoid the three social media missteps mentioned below.

1. Discussing Your Case Details

A lot of companies prefer their employees to keep quiet on social media about anything work-related. This is especially true for any legal proceedings, such as a workers' compensation case. So, to stay out of hot water with your employer and to ensure that your workers' comp claim isn't compromised, keep the details of the case to yourself.

An attorney experienced with workers' compensation claims will be best able to advise you on what should not be discussed openly, but a few obvious things to avoid mentioning online include details of your accident/injury, whether your employer is cooperating with your claim or not, and any dollar amounts that have been mentioned as possible compensation.

2. Posting Images of Physical Activity

Even if you visited a doctor immediately following your accident and have the medical reports to back up the extent of your injury, it's vital that you avoid posting any images of physical activity on your social media pages until your case has concluded.

It's unfortunate for those with real workers' compensation claims, but many insurers are wary of fraud and will scrutinize every bit of information that you post online. Even if the image you post shows an activity that can be safely performed by someone with your type of injury, to avoid drawing out your case, it's best to keep your physical activities and outings private for the case's duration.

3. Talking Badly About Your Employer

There's no doubt that following an injury or accident at work, you may feel that your employer was fully responsible and the accident could have been prevented. While you may want to blow off steam, it's never a good idea to talk badly about your employer and their safety practices on social media.

While this many not affect your workers' compensation claim, it will certainly sour the relationship between yourself and your employer should you return to work for them. If you feel like venting, it's best to turn to a trusted friend or family member instead of an online community.

While the advice mentioned above may be helpful, nothing can ever replace the advice of an experienced and knowledgeable attorney. If you have questions about your case, or you'd just like to have someone experienced on your side, make a consultation appointment with a workers' compensation attorney like one from Law Offices of Terry Katz & Associates today.