Was Your Parent's Surgical Site Neglected And Got Infected At Their Nursing Home ? Get A Lawyer

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Did you have your elderly parent in a nursing home after they had surgery and their incision site got infected because of neglect in the nursing home? If so, you'll want to contact a lawyer to help manage the medical bills and to help get compensation for the physical pain and delayed healing your parent has had to endure.

The lawyer will file a lawsuit against the nursing home so that your parent can get some money back and so the nursing home treats the patients in the facility better. Here are a few things you'll need to bring to talk with the lawyer.

Proof of Nursing Home Neglect

Is there proof that the dressings weren't cleaned and that your parent's incision site wasn't taken care of as it should have been? If you have any staff or other residents from the facility that will say that your parents assigned nurses or aides didn't care for the dressing properly, or did you request several times that it be looked at or cleaned? If so, this is all proof that you'll need to form the case.

If you filed any reports, left messages with the on staff medical professionals, or wrote electronic messages to someone at the facility about it, get copies of these things for your legal team.

Medical Diagnosis

If your parent had to be taken back to the hospital or taken by ambulance to an emergency room to treat the infection, you want proof of the medical diagnosis. This may be that there is an abscess, or that they were poisoned by infection. Whatever the diagnosis is, have it ready for you lawyer, along with a statement that explains the treatment they need, the amount that you now owe for the visit, and how serious the infection was.

Miscellaneous Costs

If you had to take time off work to help your parent, special dressings or treatments were needed, and you had other expenses from this neglect, you want a list of the costs so your lawyer can add it to the settlement. You even want the settlement to cover the legal fees you're going to pay.

If your parent was admitted back to the hospital or was very sick because the nursing home they were staying in didn't care for the surgical site properly, get a lawyer. You were paying the home to care for your parent and they neglected your parent and put your parent's life at risk.

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