Proving A Store Is Negligent In Floor Care After You Fall

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If you recently became injured due to falling while frequenting a store in your area, and you believe the business was well aware that the spot where you sustained your injury was not acceptable for customer use, you may decide to press charges in an attempt to receive compensation. Proving that a business was negligent in the way they had maintained an area of their establishment may be a bit difficult, but with perseverance you may be able to win your case and obtain funds to pay for your medical bills. Here are some steps one can try in an attempt to win a personal injury settlement as a result of a business's negligence.

Gather Photographic Evidence Of The Location In Question

After you become injured, it is best to take photographs of the surrounding area to help prove the fall was caused by improper care of the floor. If you failed to take pictures because of the extent of your injuries or the lack of a camera, go back to the scene of the incident to take photographs later. The area may have been repaired after the incident. This apparent quick fix will make the business appear guilty, and could be in your favor in a courtroom. If you are not able to get back to the scene of the incident, have someone else visit on your behalf. This may be a better idea, as the business owner would not recognize this person, leading to a potentially successful photo-taking session as a result.

Retain Witnesses To Prove The Store Was Aware Of The Problem

It is best to have others who had frequented the establishment come forward to give reports of their own synopsis of the area of flooring where you fell. Ask others in your town if they had been in the establishment and if they had noticed the flooring troubles inside. Word of mouth may lead to finding some other people who had similar incidents happen to them while in the establishment. If you recognized anyone in the store at the time of the fall, you will want to do your best to track them down to get a statement about what they saw when you were injured. Ask employees if they were aware of the flooring problem and see if any would be willing to testify on your behalf. 

Get Documented Evidence From Your Physician To Use In Court

Ask your doctor to write you documents with detailed information about your injury to use to prove it was caused by the condition of the flooring. Make sure to follow your doctor's orders regarding prescription refills and appointment frequency, as a court would look unfavorably on a case where the plaintiff is not taking steps to receive proper medical care for their injury. This could have adverse repercussions regarding your case, possibly leading to a denial of personal injury benefits as a result.