Tripping And Its Effects: How To Know What To Collect

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Tripping and falling can happen anywhere. If you are not hurt in any way, it is often just embarrassing for a little while. If you do get hurt from a trip and fall, there can be greater pain than just blushing. For a person who has been injured in a trip and fall, you will likely have medical bills to take care of depending on the severity of your injuries. After the direct medical care, you may still see issued caused by the trip and fall. Here are some ways that you should look at the effects of your trip and fall before determining what you should try to collect. 

Are you not able to take on regular tasks?

One worst case scenario that can take place due to a trip and fall on someone else's property may be you not being able to perform your regular tasks. For some people, this means taking a week or two off while waiting for their arm or leg to heal. For others, this may mean that they cannot perform daily tasks for some time. For instance, if you are a hairdresser and you slip and fall, not being able to properly move your arms or twist your wrists can spell the end of your career. In this instance, a hairdresser may include money lost in their career due to the accident.  If a person who slips and falls can no longer go to the grocery store or drive, they may have to hire a car and a delivery service, leading to greater expenses outside of their control. These should be taken into account before starting a personal injury case. 

Is your career over?

If your career has ended due to a slip and fall, you and your personal injury attorney will need to seek proper compensation against the other individual's insurance. For example, if a top-tier athlete who has participated in the Olympics may have a greater claim during a negligence suit. Not only will this person have medical issues, but their career may also be over. This person may have a claim for the money that the lost during the length of their career because of another being negligent. 

Will this cause you to need help with your family life?

One thing that some people do not think about is the fact that they may need help around the house after having a slip and fall. If a person has injured wrists due to a slip and fall, they may have issues with lifting heavy items, including children. This means that home help aids may be necessary. Collecting enough money to fund the extra help that will be necessary can take the burden off of you and family, plus give you fewer worries about how to accomplish a full home life after an injury. 

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