Ways A Truck Accident Can Differ From Other Types Of Accidents

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Commercial trucking can be a vital industry that allows the rest of the economy to continue functioning. While the drivers that operate these vehicles can be highly trained, they can still be vulnerable to causing accidents. When you are the victim in one of these accidents, it can be important to understand a few key differences that can make a truck accident case very different from a typical automobile case.

More Extensive Damages

Commercial trucks are extremely large and powerful vehicles. When one of these trucks is involved in an accident, the force of both the speed that it was traveling at as well as the weight of the materials that it was moving can both contribute to the damages that result from this accident. Not surprisingly, the immense size of these vehicles can lead to these accidents involving considerably more extensive damages to the victim.

A Larger Number Of Potential Defendants

In an auto accident case involving two passenger vehicles, the case will typically only involve the two drivers that were operating the vehicles as well as their passengers. However, commercial trucking can involve a number of different defendants, and individuals will need to be aware of this when they are deciding whether to pursue a lawsuit. For example, the driver will be directly implicated in the accident proceedings, but the company that employed them may also be at fault based upon the facts of the case. One common example of this can be failing to properly secure the loads, which can greatly increase the risk of an accident occurring during transport. Due to this reality, you will want to be extremely thorough in documenting the facts surrounding the case as this may allow your attorney to better identify all of the parties that may be liable for your damages.

A Potentially Higher Chance Of Obtaining Punitive Damages

If the accident was the result of negligence on the part of the company that was employing the commercial truck, you may find that it is possible to pursue punitive damages against the enterprise. These damages are designed to punish the company for careless decisions or actions that contributed to the accident. One example of this can be failing to properly maintain the braking systems on their vehicles, which can make it much harder for them to slow or stop as needed. The rules concerning punitive damages can vary, and they may not always be a viable option for your case. Yet, they can be an important tool for discouraging repeat transgressions by the defendant by increasing the costs of their negligence. Schedule a consultation with a truck accident lawyer to discuss your case.