Want Faster SSDI Approval? Don't Make These Mistakes

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If you've had to quit your job because of a medical condition, you might be interested in applying for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI). When it comes to applying for SSDI, applicants should expect to be patient. It's not unusual for approvals (or denials) to take several months. There is a lot applicants can do to help make their approval go faster and it starts with the application. Read on and find out how to avoid some common errors that could make your wait for benefits a long one.

Get Help With Your Application

Many people have heard of Social Security lawyers but they might not realize that they can get help with their application that way. The application for benefits is lengthy and errors or omissions can add months to your wait time. Speak to a Social Security lawyer about your case to see if you qualify for help.

It's All About Your Medical Information

Being approved is partly about your work history. The SSA has all the information needed to determine your SSDI eligibility by looking at your past jobs and the income you've earned. What the SSA needs to know about from you, however, is information about your medical condition. You will need to have accurate contact information for your doctors and use the correct medical terms for your conditions. 

Your Date of Disability and Last Day Worked

Frequently, applicants fail to use the correct dates when filling out the work history section. You must know and state the exact day you stopped working because of your condition. If you began suffering from your condition before you quit your job, be sure to add that date too. Those dates are used by the SSA to determine your back pay. Back pay is a lump sum payment that covers the time between your disability date and your date of approval.

Be Honest

You may have heard about a few tricks that allow applicants to be paid more back pay or make it easier to be approved. The SSA verifies the information in the application and you might have to wait months only to find out that your application was rejected for inaccuracies. For example, some believe it's easier to be approved if you play down your education level or pretend to be an older person. The SSA has a lot of data at their disposal and they will check on the facts before they approve you.

Regardless of why you got turned down, speak to a Social Security Disability lawyer about your case and get represented at the appeal hearing.