What Next After A Hit And Run?

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A hit and run accident is an unpleasant encounter, whether the car that struck you caused severe or minor injuries. In addition to the pain and discomfort you may feel, there will be endless paperwork and interviews when the police arrive at the scene. It is upsetting when a careless driver gets away with such an offense. Thus, you must ensure to use the available channels to get justice. The chances that the driver or their insurance company has a hit and run lawyer who will do everything in their power to get your claim dismissed are high. Thus, you must also hire a hit and run lawyer to safeguard your interests. Increase your bargaining power against the insurance company and driver in the following ways:

Get in Touch with a Lawyer

Whether the driver stops or not, it is prudent to involve your hit and run lawyer from the get-go to benefit from their protection and advice. If you do not have one, talk to a friend or family who can recommend a reputable one with a good track record. Your attorney will prioritize your interest, including advising you on the next course of action. Hit and run lawyers who have represented many clients over the years can give you the best advice depending on the circumstances of your accident. Involving a legal practitioner early on in the process is a worthwhile investment that will pay off when the matter goes to court. 

Gather Relevant Information

Evidence such as witness statements will significantly determine which party was at fault should the case proceed to trial. As such, try to gather as much information as possible. Take as many photos of the scene as possible with your phone's camera and share them with your hit and run lawyer. In addition to evidence, collect information about the perpetrator if they are getting away from the scene. Such information can help the police track down the suspect and guarantee justice is served. If you cannot get the information on your own, your lawyer could subpoena traffic camera footage on your behalf.  

Negotiate a Settlement

Some hit-and-run cases are not worth the time and money used to sustain them in court. In most cases where the driver is at fault, the insurance companies are more often than not willing to pay the victim a settlement amount. These insurance companies will try and keep this figure as low as possible. For this reason, ensure you have a hit and run lawyer to negotiate on your behalf. They are professional negotiators who will likely get you the settlement sum you deserve. They will also protect you from deceitful tactics applied by insurance companies. 

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